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You have to pay to even do anything. 7 days free, and they give you no games CAUSE YOU HAVE TO PAY. Don’t expect to win anything. To start, guess what? YOU PAY. So stupid.

Good game

Good game

don’t get it

I was expecting HQ quality and this did not live up to that at all. In the one game I played, I couldn’t comment, and it was overall mediocre.

The best trivia/game show app!

Constantly playing different games including my favorite Music Mania where they play clips of songs and you identify the song title. Lots of good hosts too. Great app!


By far the most awful app in the entire world. God bless the poor souls who fall for its stupid Snapchat advertisement. Don’t drink the Kool Aid. You are better off throwing your phone in a ditch and never thinking about ever again than even humoring the idea of downloading this venomous app

Too many notifications.

Ultimately i had to uninstall this app. The games are fun and its great, but there are so many notifications. I think i get about a notification for games and things every half hr. And when you’re busy it’s annoying. I tried shutting off the notifications but it didn't work, and it was notification after another, and if you swiped a game notification off your screen, .2 seconds later theres another one asking you to cm and join the game. They really have to work on a better marketing strategy than blowing up someones phone.


The idea is fun but I can’t help but feel cheated all the time. First of all, you get 10 seconds which is fine but the song doesn’t even start til you’re 6 seconds in. Second, there is minor lagging but it comes at the most inconvenient times, like during my 10 seconds or just always during the live. Third, (only my opinion) Juliano is the only great host, the others are awkward in their own ways. And fourth, (this isn’t a big deal, it just wasn’t expected) during the countdown before a live there are a number of people, but almost instantly when a game starts the number triples. I understand the app sends out notifications to people before a game but it’s usually like a minute and a half out or so, the count goes from 100 people to 350 people soon as the timer hits one. It only bothered me because of course the winnings would be lower but the app is fun so no problem. And not everybody in the live actually plays the game. It just feels like the app is making that number higher so they won’t have to pay out high winnings.

Won’t let me play

Just ask for my information then I press send and nothing happens


I like all the game types that Joyride offers. They are fun, some themed. I really like Sold!

The Best Trivia App

I play or have played most of the more popular trivia apps out there as it is a great way to make some extra cash, especially if you just happen to know a lot of random tidbits of different kinds of trivia (and are also good at making educated guesses lol.) I must say, that Joyride has become my favorite app to play. I really enjoy the different types of games they have from Film Frenzie to Music Mania to Sold to regular trivia games, the hosts, and the not wasting 5 minutes for shout outs and self promotion to get to the game haha. Yes, in order to REALLY play, you should get a weekly or monthly subscription, but it’s totally worth it. If you play a few times a day, you can almost always make a decent profit. So overall, Joyride gets 5 stars for me and if you’re looking to add a trivia app or even download your first one, I definitely recommend Joyride!

Well that was a waste of time

It’s seems really fun and easy but you have to subscribe to a membership, to get keys so that you can play the game? I’ll pass.


No. This game is annoying. They start you off with two keys but in order to enter any contest you need three or more keys so you have to pay $6.99 to get another key. Crazy.


It ask me to type in my number and then it doesn’t send u a verification code.

The best trivia

This is the best trivia game out here! If you want to make some extra bucks you def need to download this Trivia game!

Freaking Love Joyride

Add me on there at TheGamernamedCece. Join Joyride. They have live game shows we can play together to win 💰 Money TheGamernamedCece

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The apps fun and stuff but if u get this app do NOT turn on your notifications unless u want to be notified about something dumb every five minutes it’s super super annoying

Not Good

Ripoff! Giving more money to the app than receiving Waste of time downloading

Great app, but having a little trouble

How do I cancel my subscription. Ive been trying to cancel it but i have no idea how


Can’t even get pass the phone number verification... doesn’t send any code


The game itself is legit when it comes to its terms and payout. Sometimes the quizzes are hard, but if you want to win big money, Joyride is the game for you.


The best trivia music game today!! My wife and I play all the time and have won numerous times. They pay quickly and if you have any questions they answer back in a timely manner. Very professional hosts and entertaining. I give them 5 stars!! Rick P

The stupidest hosts ever and way expensive.

The people who hosts the various games for this absolute morons. Every game is full of mispronunciations of famous people’s names, (Liv TAYLOR instead of the correct Liv TYLER) incredibly popular hymns, (AVENUE Maria instead of AVE Maria) and even the word Mrs. (MISS instead of misses.) One absolute dolt called Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Kim 2 Sung and Kim Jong 2. Not only that, but they also have many games that require multiple extra lives that you can only get by paying extra for them, and they only let you buy so many per week. The questions can sometimes be so easy that hundreds of people get all the way through the games which results in minuscule payouts per player. When you finally have enough winnings in order to get paid, it takes four or five days for the money to finally show up in your PayPal account. Stay away. Stay FAR away.

Trash don’t download

This game dousnt even work it won’t send me the code I have tried many times i wouldn’t download this game.


It’s trash why do you need to pay to get pay 🙄

One of the better trivia apps

Was my favorite app and i played everyday and bought key subscriptions but my account was suspended and they wouldn’t tell me why and ignored any emails/messages i sent.

fun fun fun

i have fun playing this. hosts are fun and they have a bunch of different games. play people

I’m broke

This app took 30$ from unexpectedly and i only get paid monday now I’m broke because of them and looks like no refund. Thanks a lot lol.

Great app, lots of variety.

A really fun trivia app with so many different games that can appeal to many players. One of my favourite trivia apps, I urge you to play!

free money but pay to play

When I first started playing before the key packs and the music Mania or select or friends whatever they were all free. Now every game seems to need something I don't have, keys, money, friends. It's starting to feel like a scam. UPDATE: there’s about 1 free game a day and about 10 other games you’ll get alerts for all day. 2 reminders per show so x2 the alerts. YA you can win 2 keys per show one usually on the second question as the other way up in question 10+ so shows cost a minimum of 3 keys usually more so basically you can play for 9 days if u win 1 key per free show (1 a day) and then get to play the one show that costs 3 keys to play so that's a total of 3 non free shows a month...yay

My favorite quiz app out there

Joyride is a brilliant quiz app with many different kinds of games, with Trivia Crush and the Film Frenzy being my personal favorites offered. I’ve won a lot of money through Joyride and the membership is 100% worth it too. Hope you guys keep getting bigger so you can give away more money too!

No free options

You get 2 keys to start off with then you have to pay money to continue and even attempt to win the money! Like there should be an option for you especially if you got all the questions right to proceed on without having to pay. Why would i spend money to make money? Horrible game!


Great game show and the money is real!


After the free trial period if you don’t have enough keys you literally can’t get into games unless you pay. Not cool!

Best trivia app!

A diverse range of themed trivia games that occur on a daily/weekly basis, personal favorite is music mania. Highly recommended for anyone interested in exploring their own curiosity of trivia style games. Great hosts too!


Great Questions, Great Music And the hosts are super interactive!!

Love it!

Best trivia app out there. Always keeping it interesting with new game formats and great payouts!

It's okay

Music mania is a blast. And payouts are usually over $5! Much better than The Q Edited my score. Their recent changes have left a bad taste.


Wait, how do you delete or remove an account?



Love it!!!

Love the game add me fawnda22


I didn’t even download the app and I got charged 22$. It’s so ridiculous. I’m confused

Don’t get your hopes up

I played this game and everytime they tell you you won a big cash money prize it’s split between you and every other 300 or 100 winners so basically you’ll end up with change or a dollar not even close to laundry money I believe it’s fake advertising

Can’t verify

I still have never gotten my verification code sent

Couldn’t even register!

App didn’t even allow me to try it. First step was to submit my phone, but app didn’t even recognize my phone number

I love the app don’t get me wrong. But....

I think what would make this app even greater is that u don’t have to spit your earnings with the other winners. I know it’s a lot of money to give to each person but you guys are made by YouTube. 10,000 doesn’t/ shouldn’t seem a lot to you guys.

Bad first impression

Technical issues during the free orientation game, first song didn't play for a large portion of the people playing so I got knocked out right away didn't care about using a key to continue you only get 2 and the games require 3 to join so I wasn't going to waste a key in order to continue playing on that trainwreck. If you really like pop and rap this is the game for you with the exception of one bonus round song that was rock it only used pop or rap artist. How much you earn from winning will not pay for the subscription you need to earn $10($25 if you don't have a subscription) before you can cash out but subscription cost 6.99 per week for 14 keys you can only play 4 games with them since games require 3 to join, so unless you win all your games and earn a minimum of 1.75 per game just to make up what the subscription cost you'll be losing money you still need to earn $3 to meet the 10 minimum to cash out so you really need to win $2.50 in the 4 games you can join with the 14 keys you get from the subscription.


I thinks it’s dumb that when there is some type of update they make you get it. If you don’t update it, it doesn’t let you use the app.

Phone number

I’m not giving out my phone number to play some lame game for 5 seconds. Deleted ASAP.


Fun to play easy to win. Proven is always helpful!


I didn’t even sign up for the app yet. Haven’t made a log in or anything. I leave the app there and my card is charged $19.99 by the subscription thing. You guys need to fix this. It’s not right

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