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Love it!!!

Love, love, love Joyride! Host are great and questions are not that difficult, managed to win a few times :) Music Mania is my fave!!!

Great Trivia App!!

I downloaded this app in January of 2018 and cannot stop playing it. It’s so much fun and I love the different game modes that they offer. They also pay real cash and fast too! This is one of the best trivia apps out there for sure.

Hello new member

I didn’t see any referrals in the reviews and I don’t have any friends to add 😞 so mine is :amandas1780

Joyride is the best!

Been playing Joyride for a while. They are great at responding fast and very helpful.

Joyride is great!

Joyride is a very fun app with lots of different games. I especially like the live music games and the one where you have to hit 60 points before you can move on!


The best trivia app right now.

Constantly Improving and Innovating

Joyride is a unique find in the sea of trivia apps, and it’s their own doing that has made it one of my go-to apps for trivia and entertainment. Every week, Joyride seems to bring some new game format or change to their existing formula that keeps their app feeling fresh, especially when comparing the game plans of their competitors. While most of their trivia games are free to play, you won’t have to jump through too many hoops to play many of the rest; however, you may have to cough up some cash to cover some of the entry fees (paid in Keys, the in-app lifeline system) to play some of the Big Money shows. If you’re good enough at trivia, there are plenty of free Keys and money to be earned in the process. And the community that has formed around the Joyride app and its games has been largely positive! Check it out for yourself, and if you don’t like what you see, provide feedback—Joyride has an excellent customer service team that tends to respond in a respectful and reasonably quick manner.


Are their any fees to play this game


Can someone help me on how to play these trivia games

Fun trivia app

The app is good and the games flow better than other trivia apps. The host characters add entertainment with zany antics, which is a plus. The only downside I see is that the chat function is difficult to use (iPhone SE) as the send button gets mostly hidden behind the question and answer panel and is very difficult to push.

Best trivia app

I’ve won over $40. Nuff said


I actually won some real money and that’s never happened before 🤗🤗🤗

This is a great app! Just need a bit more improvements.

Joyride is fascinating. They have Trivia Crush, Music Mania, and Normal Mode Trivia. Every Sunday they gave a lotta prizes and I love it! I’ve been paid a few times and I receive them as well! Well, one more thing.. While I’m cashing out it took 5-7 days which is little bit long so if it took 2-3 days would be amazing! But still, GREAT APP! I i Recommend you to download this app and play the game.

Fun trivia app

Hosts are amusing, good interaction with the chat. You learn a thing or two and you have a chance to walk away with big money!


My favorite trivia game! The hosts are great and the payout is quick and they correspond by email with any questions.

Top trivia

Been playing since release and one of the top trivia apps that has sustained time and growing. Reliably pays and Praveen customer support is awesome.


The music trivia game seems to be more directed toward the youthful crowd & the people who host will make you cringe .

Joyride is the best

Joyride is great. I play this app regularly and make decent money from it! They have keys that you can use at various points to stay in the game and a variety of games. It nice that you can earn keys throughout the games rather than only being able to buy them or invite friends to play. It’s great that they beta test games before going live to everyone so they can work out the kinks and bring the best experience. I really love joyride and their team Also Praveen is for the people. Support team is 💯

Get free money but pay to play

When I first started playing before the key packs and the music Mania or select or friends whatever they were all free. Now every game seems to need something I don't have, keys, money, friends. It's starting to feel like a scam.

Help or Fix.

So I got the app and I typed in my phone number and I got no verification code, I deleted the app, reinstalled it, did the steps again, AND STILL no code, help

Getting even better

Added another star back for improvements. -I’m enjoying the new game types and features. -Trivia crush, Music Mania and Select are great -The hosts seem to be less obnoxious than usual. -The minimum payout is now $10 with a subscription (fair enough) and I was told the PayPal fee is now gone -Prizes still need to be increased -The group chat/team feature is confusing. I can connect to some people and not to others. Even those in the same room -Some morning games would be good, but looks like an earlier game has been added. Wonderful! -You’re making good progress. Keep up the good work on the improvements!

Fun Trivia

A good fun trivia app that pays money if you can win it. The customer service is pretty good too. They give out free keys every game so you can save those up and have a better chance of winning big games or staying in a game. Most of the hosts are pretty good and each have a distinct personality. I like the different themed games so you can get an idea of what the quiz is about before playing.

Code issues

I’m not getting the code to even start the app

The best trivia app out there!

I started playing Joyride a few weeks ago and have been paid a few times already. There are different types of games that you can play including Music Mania which is my personal favorite. All of the hosts are excellent and keep the app fresh and innovative. The payouts are much higher than other trivia apps that I have played and you get paid quickly. I could see why others wouldn’t like the interactive features of the app but personally I think that they are fantastic and what makes this app unique. I love collecting keys on Joyride and how you need to earn your way into playing certain games. These key games are the most fun and the best way to earn money. The support team is quick to respond if you have any problems as well which is great. Overall I would definitely give Joyride 5/5 stars.

Love the variety now!

I’ve play most of the live trivia apps that are out there now fairly regularly. Joyride ranks among the top for the variety of games they offer. I love the new Trivia Crush quiz that takes into account how fast you answer. And now that they’ve started letting you know the theme before their music mania quiz starts, I love it too! I didn’t like it at first cause they only played recent music that I’m not familiar with. But they’ve branched out into much wider time period and genres since then:)

My favorite trivia app to play

Joyride is my favorite trivia app! I like how they have different types of games. The concept of keys and select games is great, with lots of chances to earn free keys in the game. Also, their #1 appeal is that they have the best people, both hosts and tech support! Their games are entertaining, the hosts are excellent, and the support people are extremely helpful.

Couldn’t even play lol

Well I downloaded the game. Looked really fun. I figured I’d check it out. So I did. Went to try and play a quiz and BAM a PAYWALL. They give you three Keys to start out with. Cool thanks guys. But I have to have a minimum of 5 to play anything. No free options. So I deleted this game faster than a text from my Ex. Sorry but I won’t spend money on something when I don’t even have a free trial to check out. And NO a week premium membership doesn’t count. They still will charge you at the end of the week if you don’t cancel. The last thing I want is to forget I hate something and cancel a membership to it. Anyways. Don’t get this game unless you want to pay real money to even try it out to see if you like it. Or if you like scams. Then go ahead.

A pretty good trivia app

Joyride’s sudden drop to $250 games was disappointing at first, but what they’ve done with Trivia Crush and Friends games has been amazing re: payouts. Their team is extremely responsive and fantastic at making sure payouts occur (although compared to other trivia games, it processes a bit slower). Overall, it’s a pretty great app. I also use the friends mode to sometimes chat with friends and play “party games” and it’s a bunch of fun!


I downloaded this game because I am a fan of cash show and HQ but was disappointed to find out that you need to get a certain amount of keys to play certain games and if you don’t want to pay for them then it takes forever to accrue enough keys to play. Worst trivia app and I will be deleting it. Play HQ or for a smaller audience, play Cash Show — WAY BETTER

Good App - Great Payout & Sevice!

Newer hosts are great! I like Kim Crossman, the Kiwi the best :) Thanks, JoyRide! I won over $65 on JoyRide and they paid out the cash almost immediately! I’m not crazy about all the hosts but you can choose your games so fine by me. Thanks!

Hard to win, but nice $ when you do!

Pretty challenging games and unique hosts.

Fun app! - Terrible Interface (sorry)

I like the new games being added like the Music Mania and Quiz Crush. Very fun! I hate that the trial keys were removed. I guess enough people abused the system. —— I knew there was something I forgot to add. Joyride’s interface blows me all the way. The in-game video chat with friends thing is entirely in the way and the switch buttons overlaying the contact cards and chat makes things extremely annoying and difficult to navigate. I wish video and mic weren’t mandatory permissions for the app. There’s some quirkiness with the overall functionality of the app, but JR is one of my top earners so that’s that.

I was going to play...

I deleted the app a minute or 2 after I got it. Instagram gave me the ad for the game and Facebook had it as well. The music part of the show sounded like something I would have been into. I don’t like the fact that yu have to pay or have friends to play. At least with Cash Show and HQ yu get a notification and yu play the game 2 or 3 minutes after the start or the 30 minute mark of that hour. Yu guys and gals r gonna end up losing a lot of ppl because of that. I am just saying.

Not worthy

This app is a want to be HQ app. HQ is a great app that gives away big money all the time. JOYRIDE on the other hand you have to pay to play and it’s not worth 6.99 a week because there is no guarantee that you will win plus if you do when it’s all really small because the winning are not big at all. Trust me when I say this don’t worry about this app unless you have 6.99 a week to just throw away cause that exactly what you are going to be doing if you download this app. Plus if you think about it they are making money off of you. BAD APP

Difficult to use

This app is very hard to use I saw one of my friends in a live show and I tried to request to become friends with her and the comments kept on move up even when I would scroll to find her, and I found that really irritating because one I will get to her, and I would try to hold her use your name down so that I can befriend her the comments would just keep going up and it was impossible for me to be able to befriend her.

Fun and fresh

Lots of activity and games to get down on! Always a good time and a chance to win free money at that!

Fun, well-designed app

Joyride is a nice game where you can earn real money, from answering trivia questions. This provides an exciting goal to work for while you’re playing the game, and you can play alongside your friends. The app itself has an attractive design that is simple and easy to use. Overall, I would recommend joyride!


I have no friends so game is pointless for me!

BEST TRIVIA App [Hands Down]

Joyride is a diamond in the rough! Beginning with Quizzo (their 1st game type), it has been a true classic among trivia app enthusiasts. Now Joyride offers 2 additional games for a total of 3. You will surely enjoy one of them. Games are challenging but oh so rewarding, and most of all FUN. Download and play Joyride today and use referral code “Tandy” to get a free key to start with (don’t include the quotation marks). Good Luck and have fun!!!

Can’t even setup

It asks for my phone number, never sends a text. Asks it to resend and doesn’t move past the “resending...” message. I think I know my phone number.


This app is so annoying. I hit the correct answer and it kicked me off. If you get frustrated easily then I do not recommend getting this Bc it’s AGGRAVATING.

Joyride is one of best trivia games out there

Joyride is one of the best trivia games out there! I’ve been playing consistently and it’s become my daily addiction. They offer a variety of trivia games (not just one) with Music Mania being my personal favorite. Some shows are even themed so you have time to brush up on your trivia skills beforehand. It’s not impossible to win, and their support team is quick to pay your winnings and will often give free keys (or extra lives as some people call it) if anything goes wrong in the game. The hosts are awesome, everything is awesome. Keep up the great work and please keep the games coming!!!

Fun and lucrative

Joyride provides a much greater variety of games than the competing trivia apps, and the games tend to pay well — I’ve won a few hundred dollars so far, and I plan to continue playing for as long as possible. I highly recommend Joyride to anybody who has even the slightest interest in trivia.

Awesome Game!

Love this trivia app! I won money on here already and I’ve been playing since the beginning of June. I’ve been playing HQ for months now and still have yet to win. HQ is just much more difficult and it is impossible to win. They ask the most ridiculous questions and the hosts are very annoying. However on this app I love the way they have a point system based on who makes “the cut”. You are guaranteed 9 questions in the trivia game which is great and just makes you more prepared to answer questions if you do make “the cut.” Overall awesome trivia app and highly recommend downloading!

Can’t play games because I don’t have a certain criteria

I rate the game 1 star based off the fact you cannot play certain games without having friends or without having keys game must be new and must not have a big fan base like hq

Would be nice

Would be nice if a person could actually play the games keys shmees

Great Trivia App for Money

I love this app for making good amounts of money since they deliver it fast and payouts are usually very good on the select games. What I like is that they give you the option to either be free-to-play or also pay for extra keys, but really the only way to win is through knowledge. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because of the amount of things that you need to allow it to access. I understand things like contacts, and I’m glad that the option to ghost yourself is now a thing. Overall, this is still one of my favorite trivia apps to make money off of.

Won’t send me verification code.

When I type my phone number no code will send!🙁

It’s ok...

I mean it’s a copy of HQ trivia but I mean it’s a good idea with the friends and stuff. The thing I don’t like is u have to have “5 keys” or something like that to play a game and the keys cost money so at the end (if u win) ur basically getting nothing. I think if they want more success with this app they should make the games free to play.


Joyride is one of my favorite apps! I recently won a couple of trivia games!!

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