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Very good app!

Great way to make some extra money while playing trivia. Fun questions and an overall good experience using the app. Support is also very fast and responding to emails. Would highly recommend.


They are to HARD!!! Try certain categories. But I love the hosts !! I think people who cuss and bad mouth the hosts should be banned and wonder why there not???

Not my style

Most of the hosts are cringey as all hell and and make me feel like I’m a child by the way they speak. Adding spell check in the chat is a simple fix but the app is choosing to make things difficult. Also, I complemented one of the host’s teeth because they were really nice and white, and someone from the Joyride team warned me it would result in a ban for making rude comments. Since when is that a rude thing? Maybe once you guys put more effort into making this seem less like it is for little kids with the dinosaur and unicorn animations, along with the way these hosts talk to the viewers, you’ll become more sophisticated and I’ll give it another try.

The best

My absolute favorite trivia app. So much fun!

Quizzo select

This app is great and it made me 90$ in less than 2 weeks, I wish the quizzo select games were a bit less expensive, but it’s well worth the money as I made 90$ for only 15$

Not worth playing anymore

A couple months back, I used to win a lot from this game very regularly. Then they introduced keys/lives, yay, and you could win them on one question a game to stay in the game when you got one wrong. Then it got sketchy like one $10k game but you had to pay 15 keys to play it, oh no!! Thankfully, the people of joyride didn’t abandon us as they so graciously announced you could buy key packs now JUST in time to pay the 15 keys to play it. Now, the games went from 2x a day for $1k to 1 time a day for $250 which usually results in about $0.50 (you need $25 to actually cash out so good luck). All in the hopes that they can convince you to buy keys so you can play a big game 1 time a week where you MIGHT make $20 after spending $15 for keys. The only reason I’m giving 2 stars is because they do pay you. The new approach is garbage and not worth playing though. You will never reach the $25 minimum to cash out.

Love it!

Great app that pays out quickly and does a few things to set themselves apart from other trivia apps.

Mostly good

The big games are worth it if you manage to win for sure. Usually good about paying out prizes quickly

Its a good rising trivia application

Its going for the best

Tough but Fun!

I really like the themed question sets in this game.

Cool app

I enjoy the game. Questions are fair and the graphics are nice. Some of the hosts( cream daddy)are a little idiosyncratic for my taste


Won't open most times then boots me off. Needs to get fixed

Please Don’t Download.

no matter how good of a connection you have, the game is “laggy” and makes you “crash” the app, for some weird reason it requires you to allow mic and camera use and im constantly bombarded by notifications sayign that they dont know why the “qUizZo” crashed, its just really creepy... 💀😳

Good trivia, real payouts, all fun

Great app for trivia! The payouts are fast and legit. If you don’t take losing too seriously, it’s fun and making money has never been easier

play trivia, win cash

Good app. My favorite of all the recent crop of trivai apps.

love this app!

I literally love this app. Gotten addicted and have won almost $30 on it! I play it everyday with my family!

Good service, laggy somegtimes

Great app, hosts are fun, customer service is great. Pay out quickly, can lag sometimes, but recently improved

Permissions aren't required anymore

Used to require video and microphone, not any more. Much better shows, better video, keep up the good work

Big payouts

Unlike competitor apps, the prizes aren't split all the way down to nothing. Saw winners walk away with hundreds of dollars each. Fun questions, fun hosts, can also see friends answers if you play together.


Used to be glitchy, better now, fun trivia app. Pay out quickly.

Themed shows are great

Tivia app, but different from competitors. They have fun themed shows like Disney and The Office, hosts are fun, and you can play with friends.

Good app

Great host, good trivia, cash prizes. Especially love the positive vibes!

Joy ride

This use to be my favorite trivia money app, I even liked it better than hq, really like the host. The reason It’s not anymore is because they lowered the prize amount so they can have a big prize on Sunday (you need 15 “keys” which are lives to play this game). If you lose you basically wasted those extra lives. If they took away that game and start doing like they did it in the past, it would be great again 👌🏻

Have to pay

Can’t even play anything until I agree to the 7 day free trial. Wish I could at least get a taste. Why can’t you guys just let people play for free?? They just want money from their customers. Total rip off. Uninstall.

Fun trivia!

I mean, it gives away free money... what else can you ask for? I’ve made $140 so far, which is awesome!! Plus, you can video chat with your friends & play fun games with your friends like guess the song, trivia, family feud, etc. An easy way to make $ and have fun! :)

I Won $100 in one Game!!!!!

This app is addictive and so much fun! I won $100 in one game! I play with my whole family every night. The hosts are amazing and hilarious! I literally have started to schedule my days around playing Joyride!

They pay promptly.

It works and they pay. Worth the 10 min a day.


I enjoy playing! This game is so much fun!!


Banned for cheating, by making multiple accounts, when I had only one. Great! Guess that’s how they give out more money, by banning anyone who wins before they can cash out.

Best Trivia App Out There

I love how you can play with your friends and help each other out as you play. The hosts are really good and do a great job even when they make a mistake or there are technical difficulties. I've won over $30 just playing this game.


Please for the love of god make the volume quieter and let us turn it down all the way!! Sometimes we’re in a public place and we don’t have headphones! Please joyride, let us turn the volume down!!!


I won almost 30 bucks playing this and it’s really fun to play. Hoping i could win again on Sunday :)

Cool app

Started playing this a few weeks ago and got enough money to cash out. Received the money relatively fast(had to use my own winnings to cover PayPal fees unfortunately) but free money is free money. Will definitely keep playing

Unique Live Trivia Experience

Greatly-written trivia questions and a wide rotation of hosts give anyone a chance to find a favorite experience. A wise choice this app does compared to its competitors is split its cash prizes across multiple questions, and even provides frequent opportunities to earn a Key (“virtual mulligan”) within its games. When technical problems occur, their customer service is quite responsive and friendly! Generally speaking, you can expect to have any issues remedied within a day or two! The only intimidating part of the whole app is the requirement to enable video/mic to run any game (though it has been assured that it is only used for communication solely with those you approve/friend within the app). A fantastic and entertaining experience!

Doesn’t work

This game doesn’t work for me. I set up the account and I played the beginner trivia game but after that it just says something went wrong every time I try to open the app. It doesn’t work anymore


How do I claim my winnings?



Much improved

I still don't live the camera and chat focus but the actual trivia experience is excellent

Fatal flaw

This app is competing for attention from many many apps which make and deliver the same promises. HQ, Cashshow, TheQ, TopBuzz, Swag IQ.... I JUST CANT DO THIS ONE. They have this host named cherdley.....I’d LITERALLY (NOT figuratively) rather forfeit my own hard earned money than watch his painfully unfunny shtick for more than 20 seconds.

Top 5 Trivia Games

The games are very fun and exciting. The support team responds very quickly and they are very nice. Payout times are exceptional. The hosts do a good job keeping the game moving.



Hosts are awful

Please get new hosts. It was seriously painful to sit through tonight. I’m also not able to turn the volume down so I have to listen to their idiocy & rambling...Can you have hosts that don’t do that?

Not impressed

I went to play the game and a screen popped up for me to rate the game and the screen would not go away so I missed my chance and couldn’t play. I had to shut my phone off to get it to go away. This game has so many bugs that needs fixed. And I added friends and got no keys for it.

Eh. Could be better.

#1- the video freezes all the time #2- there’s no easy countdown, so the hosts ask a 30 second question and before you realize, the little bar on the bottom has disappeared and your 10 seconds are up. Lost a lot of keys just because I was too late answering

Updated the app

I did their most recent update and now I can’t even get into the app. I literally just sit on the loading screen. I tried deleting it and reinstalling it but that didn’t work. Nothing I’ve tried worked. Update: changed my review. The latest update fixed everything and it runs so much better.


This game is so much fun and easy to win!!!!!

If only it had a mute function!

Love this game so much. Just wish you could fully mute it. Otherwise I can’t play in class or work. Keep up the fun times!

Has Potential

This game is similar to other quiz apps. It doesn’t have many glitches. It implements keys instead of hearts and you can unlock a new key every game. It does ask a lot of permissions but they are turned off by default. My biggest complaint is that this app takes up a lot more storage space than its competitors.

wow #orangekey

they think red+yellow=green

Don’t Bother with this App

This is a trivia app that literally has wrong answers to simple questions. By far the worst trivia app in the App Store.

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